About the McONE CRO Validator

McONE is a seasoned IT professional who has a passion for providing top-notch validating service, helping decentralize the future of internet ONE day at a time.

CRO Staking

CRO staking is a very simple and easy way to generate rewards on your holdings with little effort. The rewards vary between 10% to 14% on average. They can be claimed any time and all earned coins can be added to your stake.

Additionally, if you stake with our McONE Validator node – for every 1,000 CRO you stake will get you ONE (1) entry in our on-going airdrops! Airdrops are announced on Twitter and our Discord.


How can I buy/get CRO?

You can purchase CRO from a number of exchanges. Kucoin, crypto.com and others.

Current Price

Purchasing Options

Purchase from Binance.com
Purchase from Crypto.com
Purchase from hotbit
Purchase from kucoin
Swap on Gate.io

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